Public Speaking About Augmented Reality

In my third year of bachelor studies, I seized the opportunity to participate in the university’s annual quiz and speech competition organized by the Natural Science Department at PCIU.

Event Highlights:

  • Competition Type: Quiz and Speech
  • Year of Participation: 2018

Speech Topic: Augmented Reality Unveiled: Taking the stage, I delved into the realm of Augmented Reality (AR), passionately articulating its essence, applications, and impact on our lives. In a concise 3-minute speech, I explored “What Augmented Reality Is,” addressing the ‘Why,’ ‘How,’ and its profound impact.

Highlighting Holographic Glasses: As a vivid example, I showcased the transformative potential of AR through the use of holographic glasses, illustrating its real-world applications and significance.

Championing First Place: My dedication and articulation paid off, securing the coveted first-place championship in the competition. This recognition not only highlighted my public speaking skills but also fueled my enthusiasm for emerging technologies.

Gateway to Artificial Intelligence (AI): Participation in this competition served as a pivotal moment, propelling me into the dynamic realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The experience instilled confidence, paving the way for subsequent ventures and contributions in the AI sector.

This journey from a university-level speech competition victory to a deeper engagement with AI exemplifies my passion for technology and continuous exploration of innovative domains.


Securing first place in the university's 2018 speech competition on Augmented Reality marked a turning point. Exploring AR's impact in just 3 minutes sparked my journey into Artificial Intelligence, shaping my subsequent ventures in the dynamic tech sector.

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