Pioneering Innovation in Biomedical Robotics

Embarking on my engineering journey, I collaborated with senior peers to establish the cutting-edge research laboratory, “Jontro Tantrik Lab.” Within a year, our groundbreaking project, ‘Docto-Bot,’ a medical assistant robotic marvel, garnered national acclaim as Bangladesh’s first-ever Biomedical-based robot.

Key Milestones:

  1. Inception of “Jontro Tantrik Lab”: In the early stages of my engineering career, I co-founded the startup research laboratory, “Jontro Tantrik Lab,” with fellow department seniors.
  2. Breakthrough Project: ‘Docto-Bot’: Our team’s relentless efforts led to the creation of ‘Docto-Bot,’ a revolutionary medical assistant robot. The project earned accolades at the national level, marking a historic milestone in the country’s biomedical technology landscape.
  3. Recognition and Invitation from Ministry of ICT: The project’s significance was acknowledged when we received an invitation from the Ministry of ICT, Bangladesh, to showcase ‘Docto-Bot’ at Digital Expo 2018. This recognition highlighted the societal impact and innovation encapsulated in our creation.
  4. Publication in Magazines and Journals: ‘Docto-Bot’ gained widespread attention through features in various magazines and journals, solidifying its status as a pioneering advancement in biomedical robotics.
  5. Evolution: Docto-Bot Version 2 and Ongoing Development: Building on the success of the initial stage, we unveiled ‘Docto-Bot’ Version 2, incorporating additional features to enhance its capabilities. Currently, my team and I are actively engaged in the development of ‘Docto-Bot’ Version 3, further pushing the boundaries of innovation in biomedical robotics.

This journey epitomizes our commitment to pushing the frontiers of technological innovation, making strides in the field of biomedical robotics, and contributing to the advancement of healthcare solutions.


  • 'Docto-Bot', A Biomedical Robot

  • September 2017

Biomedical Innovation: Co-founding "Jontro Tantrik Lab" during the early stages of my engineering career, we achieved national acclaim with 'Docto-Bot,' Bangladesh's first Biomedical-based robot. Recognized by the Ministry of ICT and featured in publications, our journey continues with ongoing developments in 'Docto-Bot' Version 3.

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