National TV Debates and Best Speaker Awards

Throughout my debating journey, I’ve had the privilege of sharing my insights on national platforms, including prestigious channels like Bangladesh Television (BTV) and “The News24,” the country’s largest private TV channel.


  • Debate Engagements: Featured on Bangladesh’s National TV Channel “BTV” and “The News24.”
  • Best Speaker Awards: Honored with the “Best Speaker” accolade multiple times for articulate discussions on pressing national issues.

Television Appearances:

  1. “The News24” Channel: Participated in a compelling debate, addressing crucial national matters on “The News24,” a prominent private TV channel.
  2. “BTV Channel Chittagong Zone”: Engaged in thought-provoking discussions during a televised debate on BTV Channel’s Chittagong Zone, contributing to the discourse on regional and national issues.
  3. Recognition Behind the Scenes: Acknowledged for excellence in a behind-the-scenes snapshot during the recording of a debate program on “BTV Channel.”

Visual Documentation:

  • Debate on “News24 Channel”: Image captures the intensity and dynamism of the debate.
  • Debate on “BTV Channel Chittagong Zone”: Providing a glimpse into my role in shaping regional dialogues.
  • Behind the Scenes on “BTV Channel”: A candid moment during the recording, showcasing the dedication behind the televised discussions.

These experiences not only enriched my debating portfolio but also underscored my commitment to contributing meaningfully to national conversations, earning recognition as a “Best Speaker” in the process.


Featured on Bangladesh Television (BTV) and "The News24," discussing critical national issues. Awarded "Best Speaker" multiple times, my televised debates, including on BTV Chittagong Zone, reflect a commitment to impactful discourse. View snapshots capturing the intensity of these dynamic discussions.

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