Unlocking The Finnish Code in Vaasa International Talents

Remember the thrill of starting a new chapter? That’s exactly how I feel as I started my journey with the Vaasa International Talents program. As one of 30 selected students from diverse backgrounds in Vaasa region, I’m diving into the world of Finnish work culture.

Alongside with different weekly session which are full of knowledge and a personal learning, I also track recorded my journey in a digital learning journal.

For me this isn’t just a program; it’s an immersive experience. In those weekly session’s we’re not just passively consuming information, but actively engaging in workshops, discussions and even meeting the City Mayor of Vaasa!

But beyond the official sessions, I believe true learning happens when we actively process and reflect. That’s where my journal “Unlocking the Finnish Code” comes in.

What’s Inside “Unlocking the Finnish Code”?

You’ll find chapters dedicated to each program module, covering topics like:

  • Cultural competence and language skills
  • Understanding the Finnish work culture
  • Self-discovery, personal branding, and portfolio building
  • Effective CV writing and interview techniques
  • Utilizing LinkedIn for professional networking
  • Exploring entrepreneurship and volunteering opportunities

I invite you to follow along as I document my experiences in the ‘Vaasa International Talents program”. Visit my notion site to access the journal and join me on this exciting learning adventure!

By sharing my journey, I hope to inspire others to actively engage in their own professional development and embrace the power of personal learning.

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