Leadership in University Debating Forum and Event Management

During my university years, alongside academic pursuits, I played a pivotal role as the co-convener of the central debate club, PCDF (Port City Debate Forum), successfully steering the club’s activities for two years (2018-19).

Key Achievements:

  • Leadership at PCDF: As co-convener, I led PCDF with dedication and vision, overseeing its activities and fostering a vibrant debating culture on campus.
  • National Event Management: PCDF IV-19: I directed the groundbreaking national-level event, “PCDF IV-19,” in collaboration with the Bangladesh Debate Federation (BDF) and local organization Drishti. This tournament saw participation from the top 32 universities in the country.
  • Innovative Theme: ‘Marvel Universe’: To distinguish the event, I conceptualized and executed a unique theme—’Marvel Universe.’ The entire tournament was intricately designed in alignment with the Marvel style, requiring a month of tireless effort from my team and me.

Media Recognition: Several national newspapers, including The Daily Sun, The Daily Azadi, and The JoyNewsBD, featured the event’s successful completion, acknowledging the distinctive approach and impact.

Personal Growth and Professional Application: My involvement in these volunteer endeavors not only enriched my university experience but also equipped me with valuable organizational skills. The lessons learned and achievements unlocked during this period have seamlessly translated into effective leadership in my professional journey.

This portfolio entry encapsulates my commitment to impactful volunteerism, innovative event management, and the lasting influence of these experiences on my professional trajectory.

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As PCDF co-convener, I steered the debate club for two years. Directing "PCDF IV-19" with a 'Marvel Universe' theme, we hosted 32 top universities. Featured in national news, this volunteer journey shaped my organizational prowess, influencing my professional leadership.

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