Triumph in the Lion Kamrun Malek Challenge Trophy Debate Competition

I am thrilled to share the success story of my participation in the Lions Club of Chittagong Hillview’s ‘Lion Kamrun Malek Challenge Trophy Debate Competition.’ The event, organized in alignment with Lions Clubs International’s October 2019 goal, was a remarkable experience marked by the theme “Service with a Smile.”

Event Overview:

  • Organizer: Lions Club of Chittagong Hillview
  • Goal: Lions Clubs International’s October-2019 theme
  • Slogan: “Service with a Smile”

Team Participation: Teaming up with the esteemed ‘PCDF-1 (Port City Debate Forum),’ I represented my university in a competition that brought together students from various reputed universities across the Chittagong district.

Journey to Victory: Engaging in multiple rounds of rigorous debate, my team and I emerged triumphant, clinching the prestigious “Ln. Kamrun Malek Challenge Trophy.”

Final Round Topic: The climax of the competition revolved around a thought-provoking topic: “The next crisis is not food, but uncertain health care.” The intensity and depth of discussions in the final round added an extra layer of significance to our victory.

University Dominance: Notably, the runners-up in the tournament were another commendable team, ‘PCDF-2,’ representing my university. This collective success underscored the university’s prowess in debate and public speaking.

Media Recognition: Our achievement found its way into the national newspaper, ‘The Daily Azadi,’ amplifying the impact of our success beyond the competition venue.

In summary, this journey was not just about winning a trophy but about the camaraderie, intellectual exchange, and the invaluable experience gained through the competition. It stands as a proud moment for both me and my university, reflecting our commitment to excellence in debate and advocacy.

I am excited to include this achievement in my portfolio, showcasing not only the victory but also the skills, teamwork, and dedication that went into making it a memorable experience.


  • Ln. Kamrun Malek Challenge Trophy

  • October 2019

Proud winner of the 'Ln. Kamrun Malek Challenge Trophy' in the Lions Club Debate Competition. Representing my university alongside PCDF-1, we dominated with a compelling stance on "The next crisis is not food, but uncertain health care." Featured in 'The Daily Azadi,'

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