Empowering Learning through Robotics Workshop

In March 2018, my team, Jontrotantrik, representing “Jontrotantrik Lab,” organized a comprehensive one-day workshop to demystify Robotics for university students in Bangladesh. Initially planned for 20 participants, the overwhelming response saw 650 eager learners from across the country, prompting us to expand the workshop’s capacity. Event Highlights: Workshop Focus: Geared towards beginners and intermediate learners,…

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Pioneering Innovation in Biomedical Robotics

Embarking on my engineering journey, I collaborated with senior peers to establish the cutting-edge research laboratory, “Jontro Tantrik Lab.” Within a year, our groundbreaking project, ‘Docto-Bot,’ a medical assistant robotic marvel, garnered national acclaim as Bangladesh’s first-ever Biomedical-based robot. Key Milestones: Inception of “Jontro Tantrik Lab”: In the early stages of my engineering career, I…

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