Yuri – Revolutionizing Team Collaboration in the Metaverse

Project Overview: For the past few months, I’ve been part of “Team Metaverse” at Demola Global, working on a groundbreaking project to address challenges faced by business leaders, recruiters, R&D professionals, IT heads, and project leaders in cross-cultural business meetings.

Common Struggles Identified:

  1. Language Barriers
  2. Technical Complexities
  3. Miscommunication (acronyms, cultural gaps, etc.)

Introducing Yuri – The Augmented Reality Assistant: We present Yuri, an Augmented Reality assistant designed to enhance virtual collaboration in the metaverse. Yuri tackles daily work-life dilemmas by leveraging real-time speech-text technology, note-taking capabilities, acronym recognition, emotion detection, and awareness of online etiquette.

Yuri’s Capabilities:

  • Language Understanding: Real-time speech-text technology ensures effective communication with non-native counterparts.
  • Acronym Recognition: Yuri learns and instantly provides popups for thousands of acronyms used in team meetings.
  • Emotion Detection: Yuri enhances interview experiences by offering customized suggestions based on candidates’ behaviors.
  • Online Etiquette: Yuri provides reminders of online attitudes and code of conduct, helping users adapt to diverse audiences and environments.

In the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Yuri utilizes data from company domains and the internet to streamline team interactions.

Final Event Showcase: We showcased Yuri at the Final Event held at Wärtsilä, receiving valuable input from industry experts at Mirka, Danfoss, Wärtsilä Energy, and the University of Vaasa.

Video Showcase and Moments: View the video demonstration showcasing Yuri’s capabilities and capture the memorable moments from the Final Event.

As a proponent of future sustainability, I believe Yuri is not just a dream but the solution for next-gen team collaboration. Share your thoughts on Yuri in the comments and join us on this transformative journey!

Video Showcase


Leading "Team Metaverse" at Demola Global, we crafted Yuri—an Augmented Reality assistant addressing language barriers, technical complexities, and miscommunication. Yuri's real-time features redefine collaboration. Watch our showcase video and witness the future of seamless team interactions.

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