Empowering Careers: Volunteer Coordinator & Representating the University of Vaasa at Talent Forum Vaasa

I recently had the privilege of being the Volunteer Event Assistant and University Representative at Talent Forum Vaasa 2024, a job fair that hosted over 50 companies. This incredible opportunity not only allowed me to learn but also provided a platform to represent the University of Vaasa proudly. In this blog post, I want to share my journey, the responsibilities I undertook, and the valuable lessons learned during this enriching experience.

As the Volunteer Event Assistant, my responsibilities were – coordinating the smooth operation of the event, managing communication between participating companies and fostering a positive networking environment. Simultaneously, I proudly represented the University of Vaasa with the Red Overall.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Event Coordination: I ensured the seamless execution of the event by managing communication for 4 companies  and attendees.
  2. University Representation: Being the face of the University of Vaasa, I showcased its strengths and unique offerings to company representatives and attendees.
  3. Oversight: Demonstrating strong organizational skills, I oversaw and ensuring the needs of both companies and participants were met. This included everything from space arrangements to resource allocation.


Participating in Talent Forum Vaasa not only refined my interpersonal and organizational skills but also provided a platform to excel in dynamic and collaborative environments. It was a testament to the power of networking and the impact a well-coordinated event can have on connecting talent with opportunities.


In conclusion, my role as Volunteer Event Assistant at Talent Forum Vaasa was an enriching experience that allowed me to contribute to the success of a major job fair while proudly representing my university. I look forward to embracing more opportunities that empower careers and foster collaboration in the future.


Thrilled to have served as Volunteer Coordinator and University Representative at Talent Forum Vaasa, showcasing my alma mater's strengths. My photo featured on 'Vaasa International Talents' and 'University of Vaasa' social media pages. This experience enhanced my skills and affirmed my commitment to fostering collaboration in dynamic environments.

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